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David B David B Mt Ruth 2019-06-19 16.6 km10.3 mi 9h:01m 5 zdjęć


The direct East side of Rainier is a mini rain shadow. We had a beautiful sunny day but the rest of Western Washington likely was cloudy and sprinkly most of the day. This is a wonderful snow scramble with good glissading.

David B David B South Earl Peak Ridge 2019-06-01 8 km5 mi 6h:46m 7 zdjęć


Mountaineers scramble field trip. An attempt on Earl peak but we ran out of time and just made a ridge loop. Sunny and hot. Good views. Great day to be out.

David B David B Not Bryant - Peak 6050 2019-05-28 9.2 km5.7 mi 6h:11m 9 zdjęć


A small peak on the South of Chair. One participant had leg cramps so we waited at the top of the scary snow chute while the rest of the group went up to the summit. Nice day. Great views. Challenging snow scramble and nice rock scramble at the top.

David B David B McClellan Butte 2019-05-07 8.5 km5.3 mi 5h:37m 5 zdjęć


Was trying to explore snow conditions at the base of Super Couloir. Ended up traveling a lot further than I wanted to. Good conditioner though. I have summited McClellan from the North in the past but I was more looking for a quick easy route to the snow gully than getting to the top. Terrain was a little more difficult than hoping for, maybe there is another way up.

Cliff Dutton Cliff Dutton All the Mount Tom Trails that were Groomed 2019-03-06 21.7 km13.5 mi 3h:23m 13 zdjęć

Such a weird tree. No, not dead. Deciduous conifers! The Larch trail. North Ridge trail. Yes, I'll take some sun! Map

I've been skiing myself into better fitness or at least better endurance. Similar to this trek, I've skied all the trails in Peru, VT at Wild Wings Ski Touring Center, also about 13 miles. Although the time says 3.5 hours it really only took 2.5 hours of skiing.

Rick Jarvis Rick Jarvis Ocala - Silver Springs, last paddle of the year 2018 2018-12-30 17.2 km10.7 mi 5h:03m 16 zdjęć


Met Erika at Ray Wayside for the last paddle of the year. Water was 2-3 higher than normal. AS the fog burned off we were able to encounter 2 manatees, and several gators. The park concession must have rented a 100 kayaks. Never saw so many paddlers. On a positive note, i met two other members of the Church of the Double Bladed Paddle! - Paula Mendoza of Florida and Tim Brown of Savannah.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Ramon - Moraga Loop 2018-12-29 78.1 km48.5 mi 4h:06m 10 zdjęć

and near the summit by Marciel Gate Regroup at Bay Trees Park Start from Shannon Center Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride starting from Shannon Center in Dublin and heading over Dublin Grade to Castro Valley and then over Redwood and Pinehurst into Moraga. Return was through Lafayette and then back along the Blvd.

Quick video recap at: https://www.relive.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Ramon - Pleasanton loop ride 2018-12-26 52.3 km32.5 mi 3h:35m 11 zdjęć

Iron Horse trail Pine Valley Greenbrook Regroup at Lunardi's in Danville Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride starting from Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek and heading down through Pleasanton. Route shown here is shortened since I rode from home and met the ride in Danville and also skipped the end of the ride.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann Diablo Vista Park - Livermore - Pleasanton loop 2018-12-25 66.5 km41.3 mi 3h:37m 15 zdjęć

Redtail hawk Flat tire on Highland Ride start from Diablo Vista Park Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride on Christmas morning starting from Diablo Vista Park in Danville. I started from home so the beginning and end of the ride differ from the official route.

Peter Rathmann Peter Rathmann San Ramon to Las Trampas and Eden Canyon 2018-12-23 65.5 km40.7 mi 3h:49m 22 zdjęć

Turn-around at Las Trampas Gathering at Sports Basement Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride starting from Sports Basement in San Ramon and first heading out to Las Trampas at the end of Bollinger Canyon Rd. After regrouping we continued down to Pleasanton and then over Dublin Grade to Eden Canyon Rd. which we took to its end before returning.