Low Tide Palo Alto Baylands

Data 2009-08-05
Dystans 9.2 km5.7 mi
Czas 0h:56m
Zdjęcia 18

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The purpose of this bike trip was to test a new AMOD AGL3080 since my QSTARZ BT-Q1000P stopped working.   After passing under the Lefkowitz underpass under 101 and ran into tens of Russian nursing home residents walking on the pathway.   Apparently, it was walk time at the nearby Hillhouse and I had no idea that a retirement home had replaced the Stanford Intellectual Property licensing offices.   The tide was so low that the slough was just exposed mud.  Nearby Mountain View maintenance men were cleaning the algae and weeds out of their pumping station.   For years I had thought these ponds were sewage treatment outflows but they are apparently just runoff from the storm drains.   All that lawn fertilizer runoff feeds a huge algae bloom which clogs their pumps.   Someone has to get down into the muck and clean the intakes of the stuff.

Watch out for very slow moving Senior citizen who only speak Russian around 10am in the morning.   Probably close to a hundred of them and they seem very unsteady and prone to fall (with fragile bones).