Round Pond & Mt Klem - Gilford

Data 2011-07-03
Dystans 9.1 km5.7 mi
Czas 4h:55m
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Had a great day with Rexrider98 and Squashman as we hiked up to Round Pond and then up to Klem. The hike to the pond was uphill but very gentle as the path ws strewn with pine needles and wide. The pond itself is large and we spotted two good-sized beaver lodges. We then traversed up to Klem. We had some trouble finding the summit as the trail appears to skirt it. It was an overcast day so what views there were were mostly clouded in. We knew there was a nice northern vantage point, but we didn't find it. Perhaps if it weren't raining we woudl have looked ore extensively.