Pawtuckaway East - Nottingham

Data 2015-05-07
Dystans 10.3 km6.4 mi
Czas 3h:53m
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First lengthy trek of the season to one of my favorite places - Pawtuckaway State Park. Today I explored the eastern sections of the park which are the lower lying areas. Lots of great marshes and Blue Heron territory. I actually came upon a very large snapping turtle crossing the trail. I gave him plenty of room and told him that Gary said "Hi". The light breeze mitigated the few black flies that were out. I ran into a couple of cachers who told me that it was too early for them to be biting. That was new information for me. The trail I explored today Woronoco, Split Rock, Shaw and Fundy are lightly traveled. I lost the trail several times and had to go back and find it. This area of the park, light the NW section is full of giant erratics that add some visual interest to the hike. TripTrak says it was 6.4 miles, but my GPS and my FitBit said about 8 miles. Still some areas of the Park I haven't visited yet.