Biking to Mae Kuang Dam, Chiangmai (60km)

Data 2015-05-08
Dystans 60.8 km37.8 mi
Czas 5h:16m
Zdjęcia 7

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We said that we would set out 'early' for this trip to avoid the worst of the heat. So at 10.30 am (not quite the crack of dawn) we set off on our bikes. The gps certainly helped in the rural area with navigation through the villages and paddy fields. We rode with the mountains as a backdrop, very beautiful scenery. As the temperature climbed to 37 degrees Celsius, the phrase 'mad dogs and Englishmen' came to mind!! The view from the dam wall added a bonus to the bike ride. The round trip of 60km took use 3 hours 30 minutes + rests. Very hot and tired by the time we got home but a lovely day for both Terry and I.