Big Water Slot Canyon

Data 2012-10-12
Dystans 2 km1.2 mi
Czas 0h:24m
Zdjęcia 8

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Big Water Slot Canyon is located between Big Water, Utah and Page, Arizona. It is just north of Blue Pools Canyon. Big Water Slot Canyon is a small canyon that starts right underneath Highway 89 and goes to the east.At the start of the canyon (and in several other places), there are lots of plants you'll have to push through.This is the first drop from above. I climbed down on RDC.This is the same drop from below. The climb back up took me a couple of tries, but I made it by myself. A partner assist would have been very helpful here.The second and last down climb. Climb over and under the boulders. An easy climb back up.Looking up canyon from the mouth of the canyon.

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