Pahvant Narrows

Data 2011-08-24
Dystans 3.8 km2.3 mi
Czas 1h:55m
Zdjęcia 17

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Wykres (Kółko myszy powiększa)


For a stake activity, the Curtises took several of us on a hike up the Pahvant Narrows in Richfield, UT. We parked the low-clearance vehicles near the freeway and carpooled to the base of the hill. We then hiked along the road until we passed the waterfall, then we dropped down into the canyon. For fun, we hiked down-canyon to the top of the waterfall (dry fall) then turned around and went back up-canyon. Pretty much the whole canyon is covered with cool sandstone formations including cracks, holes, pockets, caves, you name it. We took the left fork and climbed up a 6-foot dry fall then hiked overland to return to the road and back to the cars. It was a fun hike, and we definitely plan to go back.