Up Haw Creek With 3 Paddlers

Data 2014-04-18
Dystans 12.3 km7.7 mi
Czas 3h:01m
Zdjęcia 20

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We ventured to a new location after losing out to bad weather for the full moon paddles. Haw Creek sounded like the place to go with my friend Chris and a newer yakker, Mindy.Tucked away in western Flagler County lies Haw Creek Preserve, a 1,005-acre tract of land bordering Haw Creek for about two miles on its southern boundary. This area was set aside to preserve the cypress oak and hardwood swamp that borders Haw Creek. Many Haw trees line the creek and produce the small apple-like fruit from which the creek gets its name. The fruit is popular for making jelly.We met at the launch site and were on the water by 8:40 am.We decided to paddle upstream and spent the morning paddling the quiet waters. We stayed to the left and paddled through a creek like none I have paddled in Florida. It seemed that the creek seemed excavated, creating raised banks.  The rain stayed away except for two drizzles which hardly wet us.Cant wait to get back and head downstream.....