Durbin Canoe Trail Through Paddle

Data 2013-12-30
Dystans 17.4 km10.8 mi
Czas 4h:22m
Zdjęcia 21

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We closed out the year with the great winter day paddle from Durbin to Palmetto Leaves Park. My brother Greg and friend Dennis put in off of racetrack road and noodled around the area south of Racetrack as far as we could get. Then we headed out through the trail and stopped at  Clark'sn and had lunch on the dock and then continued on to St Augustine Road. All in all it was a beautiful day starting out chilly in the 50's and finishing in the mid 60's. We could not have had a better kayak day. Wildlife was limited to woodpeckers, kingfishers, egrets and turtles. We could occasionally see some hawks but no ospreys or eagles.  No gators spotted.

Make sure you launch at Durbin during the higher tide.