Bourne End to Aston

Data 2014-05-28
Dystans 21.6 km13.4 mi
Czas 2h:47m
Zdjęcia 10

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This was part of a longer ride that took us to Henley from where we used the excellent Salters Steamers boat service back to Marlow (4.15pm departure during the summer). Much of the ride is on the Thames Path with numerous 'no cycling' signs which in the height of summer I can understand. However, on a rainy May half term break with hardly a walker in sight I felt no guilt in riding along with my son; the alternative main A-roads into Henley are scary even for adult riders.

Take a break at the Flower Pot pub, Aston. We did, it was lovely, but then my phone ran out of juice - hence why the whole trip didn't show up.The River and Rowing museum at Henley is a good place to visit and the tickets are valid for a year.Salters Steamers allow bikes on their boats and they have a bar on board - result.