Ann arbor local loop

Data 2009-09-11
Dystans 22.3 km13.8 mi
Czas 2h:12m
Zdjęcia 4

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Bike not meant for mountain biking! Couldn't use my back brake or it would skid out! With 3 other people off the cycling club list: Jason who led, nick who's a grad student that lives on north, and Ryan, a freshman who I think also lives on north. And the pictures don't do the trip justice, because I only took pictures when it wasn't super intense...of course. Otherwise it was sometimes quite difficult bumpy terrain.Also, to the right of the pic with no people in it my gps tracker accidentily got paused, so there are a bunch of cool windy trails to the east there. And there are some more trails on the west side of that park that we didn't have time for this ride.