Swiftcurrent Pass - Granite Chalet

Data 2014-07-07
Dystans 13.3 km8.2 mi
Czas 5h:11m
Zdjęcia 12

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we started this hike from Many Glacier and planned only going to Bullhead Lake.  However, because we found it too short, we continued with the Swiftcurrent Pass Switchbacks.  We got such amazing views that we decided to  continu to the top of the Swiftcurrent Pass.  We had to pass a lot of snowfields, but once there (we also passed the Continental Divide) we were blown away with the views over the other Valley (to the Logan Pass)...so we still continued to the Granite Chalet.  At this point we had 13.5km (8.3 miles) on our counter...13.5km we also had to hike back.  We only tracked from the Switfcurrent Motor Inn to the Granite Chalet, but in fact you have to count the double of the distance.  In total we did 27km (16.6 miles) that day, but what a hike!  The most beautiful we ever did and worth every step.