Kennebunk Lobster Tour

Data 2009-06-07
Dystans 9.2 km5.7 mi
Czas 1h:05m
Zdjęcia 22

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Emma and I went on a lobster boat tour in Kennebunk. We were on the Kylies' Second Chance. We saw former President George H. Bush's fishing boat with the Secret Service boat tied up next to it. We also saw Walker's Point where he and Barbara spend their summers, and St Ann's church where they attend Sunday services. We did catch a few lobsters and learned quite a bit about them. Lobsters can survive for a week out of water as long as they are kept cool. They will foam at the mouth after a period of being out of the water. that helps them to breathe. Boy lobsters have a set of hard swimmers and the girls only have soft swimmers. Lobsters have to be within a certain size-range to be kept, and they must not be carrying eggs. This is to ensure the population. If a lobster has eggs, the lobsterman cuts a small v into the tail to let other lobstermen know that the lobster is fertile. Those lobsters are also tossed back into the ocean.Each lobsterman has his own buoy with his own colors and design. Each buoy may have as many as 8 traps tethered to it. The traps are baited with an oily fish to attract the lobsters. Other animals will also enter the traps so it can be a bit of a surprise to see what is inside the trap.

You have to have cash for your tickets. The tour starts very near The Clam Shack. I suggest getting your meal (also cash only) after the tour. Wear plenty of sunscreen, bring a hat, and be prepared to get chilly because of the sea breezes.