Liberty Fleet Long Ship Cruise

Data 2009-06-04
Dystans 14.4 km8.9 mi
Czas 1h:57m
Zdjęcia 34

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We sailed out into Boston Harbor and even tossed a few boxes of tea. It turned out to actually be a great day for the sail. At first, I was concerned about being too cold and having to deal with a lot of rain.There were only about 16 of us onboard so it was a very relaxing fun trip. Amazingly, most everyone volunteered to raise the sails. Later a re-enactor told us a bit about the taxes and such that the King was levying on the Boston citizens. We debated about what to do about the dreaded tea tax and decided to throw the tea overboard into the harbor upon our return.The captain was very entertaining and told a lot of stories about the sights along the way. For example, we saw the place that inspired Edgar Allen Poe's story "A Tell-Tale Heart". 

Cash only for drinks on board.