Freedom Trail including the North End

Data 2009-06-03
Dystans 6.6 km4.1 mi
Czas 3h:47m
Zdjęcia 30

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Two days of walking the Freedom Trail. We did take a few side trips so our path meanders a bit from the Trail. The Freedom Trail begins at the Boston Common the oldest public park in the USA, and continues over to Charlestown with the Bunker Hill Monument and Old Ironsides. This year we did not ever make it over to Charlestown.The Freedom Trail is a red brick or red painted line that weaves its way about Boston. You follow the trail to see many historical buildings and places. My trip focuses on those sites important to the American Revolution.Come along with us as we explore the Freedom Trail!

Purchase a guidebook or one of the audio tours, be aware that you may not take photos or video inside the Old South Meeting House or Paul Revere's House. You may purchase joint tickets for both Old South and Paul Revere's House at a savings. Many sites have a scavenger hunt or other activity for children to do as they walk the trail. There is a nice playground in the North End and also Christopher Columbus Park for kids who may need to let off some energy!