2013 - Kirkwood Focus

Data 2013-05-18
Dystans 23.9 km14.9 mi
Czas 2h:53m
Zdjęcia 21

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First real trip of 2013. I was planning on a 60 mile ride, but was overruled by the family. :-)I decided to stick to Kirkwood since I had to get a tennis pass renewed and grab some things from the library. Highlights:1) Kirkwood is a great town. 2) Stopped by friends house and had a nice chat. Usually I am loathe to just drop by, but their porch has an official facebook check in location. Mistakenly, I went to their neighbors house first. lol3) The bike performance is ok, but getting it repaired didn't really address the shifting issues. In fact, it is probably worse. The weather was a nice 88 degrees with low humidity, which made the ride awesome. Sweat only poured out when stopped.