2012 Katy Trail with Missy

Data 2012-09-23
Dystans 21.8 km13.6 mi
Czas 2h:12m
Zdjęcia 17

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As part of my birthday fun, we wanted to take a bike ride and Missy suggested the Katy Trail. It was her first time on the trail and and she loved it. We covered about 14 miles and had a very good time. Some of the highlights:1) Missy conquered the hill from the Page Extension down to the Katy Trail. It is a ginormous trail and Missy made it all the way up without walking!2) We decided to go off roading onto a "sand trail" and, well, found the end of the trail. You know something is wrong when the vegetation becomes taller than your bike and too thick to ride through. 3) During the previously discussed off roading I wiped out in a fantastic crash. Yep, it sounds better to say that than I fell off my bike while trying to turn around. Oh yeah, straight down into the thickets. 4) After we conquered the hill, Missy wanted to go to the overlook on the bridge over the Missouri. When we stopped we met a great guy named Vijay. He was there shooting pictures as a hobby. He asked if we wanted him to take some of us and I offered my iPhone. The look on his face was hilarious and he corrected me and said his camera. Vijay said he'd email the photos and sure enough they arrived about an hour after we got home. They are stunning. A great ride for both of us on a spectacular fall day!