First time on Katy Trail

Data 2012-07-07
Dystans 39.6 km24.6 mi
Czas 2h:45m
Zdjęcia 18

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Hello,The plan was to go 50 miles today to Augusta, MO. A few things made this impossible:1) I woke up. Not a bad thing, right? Well, the sun was out, which meant I slept through or turned off the alarm at 4:30am. It was 5:40am when I woke up. 2) No gas. Driving to Creve Couer Lake the minivan was on empty, so I had to stop and get gas. 3) Missed exit. I missed the exit for Bennington off of Page, so I had to go out of my way. lolWhen I finally started I decided to head to St. Charles instead of Augusta. The Page Extension is a great thing to have for bikers since it allows the Missouri to be crossed easily. After crossing, it hooks into the Katy Trail. This was the first time I've ridden on the Katy Trail and had a few observations:1) Shaded. The part I was on was very cool due to the shading provided. 2) Trail composition. I was concerned the trail would be like biking in sand. It isn't. There is a fine level of very crushed rock that is dust like on top, but it doesn't stop your wheels from moving. On many parts of the trail there will be two worn areas on each side. Stick to those and you'll be ok. 3) Beauty overload. I prefer rides where there is something new to see. When you get on the trail there are stretches where it is just the river and nature. It is beautiful, but after a while you get overloaded. lolA few highlights of the ride:1) The Hill. The hill from Page Extension onto the Katy Trail is exciting going down. Going back up? Not so much. IT IS HUGE. My heart rate hit 162 at the top.2) 5K Race. They were having one in downtown St. Charlies. I am unsure what to say when you cross the finish line on a bike, but I do know the crowd gets disappointed. 3) Getting back. The ride from the Page Extension bridge back into Creve Couer Lake is exhilarating. Not only is it much cooler, but it is mostly downhill. 4) Smells. Parts of the trail that come close to the river smell. Bad.Very hot and humid morning, but it turned out well.