Backpacking trip from Pine Creek trailhead into French Canyon

Data 2015-08-02
Dystans 47.5 km29.5 mi
Czas 1 dzień 4h:15m
Zdjęcia 94

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Backpacking trip starting at the Pine Creek trailhead a few miles north of Bishop and heading up the canyon to Lower Pine Lake for our first camp site. The next day we continued up and camped for a couple days in the Granite Park area with a day hike to view the Italy Pass area. The trail over the pass was hard to follow in places and we had reports of a few people injured on it so we opted to back track and go over the Pine Creek pass into French Canyon instead. Once over the pass we traveled cross country to a camp site on 'L' lake and did some day hikes in the surrounding hills to view other nearby lakes (French, Steelhead, Moon, Elba) in the two days we spent there. From there we headed down the chain of lakes to a trail leading from Elba Lake back up to the the French Canyon trail and back over the pass to the same camp site on Lower Pine Lake we used the first day and hiked back to the car on the following day.

Note that something is wrong with the listed Duration of the hike and with picture placement. The pictures are all clustered around our overnight camp locations rather than in the proper places and the duration is shown as only slightly over a day instead of over the week we actually took.