Skating Many Loops

Data 2014-03-10
Dystans 10.5 km6.5 mi
Czas 1h:34m
Zdjęcia 4

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Already in the Middlebury area, I took a little time out to ski. Conditions were perfect, to start with at least. Well groomed trail with an inch of new power was perfect for skating. If you view the "Stats" mode on the map you’ll see I had a false start and went back to trade in my fleece vest for a wind shell. I skied this trip with no pack or even water. The temperature was a bit of an issue. I had not textured my ski bases for above freezing weather and it must have been around freezing when I started. immediately I noticed the drag of water suction on the first small down hill slope. Still the effect seemed less while climbing and it only meant I’d get more of a workout which, after all, is the whole idea.I climbed up the Frost Trail and found the Rock Garden Trail which I had not skied before. It was a fun, winding course down through the hardwoods. Then a jaunt over to the Frost Homestead to ski some of the loops around the fields and when done I proceeded to the Upson’s Figure Eight which I like to ski just as a figure eight is drawn. My course then climbed back up to Frost Trail to Lower Frost and back to the Nortic Center via a less the straight route.On the last bit back to the parking lot, my skis were really dragging with suction on the warm snow. I stopped into the Nordic Center and found it was 34 degrees. Next time I’ll be prepared with textured bases. Still it was a great ski and the grooming couldn’t have been better.

Carry a 4 inch screw to texture your skis - an emergency rilling tool!