Frost Trail

Data 2014-02-08
Dystans 7.8 km4.8 mi
Czas 1h:34m
Zdjęcia 8

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Wykres (Kółko myszy powiększa)


The upper most trail was all ungroomed while the close-in snow making trails were groomed fit for the Olympics. Quite a contrast. I accessed the backcountry trails by climbing the racing trails. My extra wide waxless, backcountry touring skis more than filled the tracks as racers whizzed by me on skinny skis. Still ultra groomed without the depth of man made snow, I navigated the figure 8 trail in a figure 8 (not 2 loops). See the Stat’s instead of slideshow to see my course. Here the cover was thin though not so thin that a proper grooming attachment would leave dirt in the trail. Instead of the packer attachment, which floats over the snow, the tiller attachment was used and cut into the dirt and brought it to the surface. Guess they couldn't be bothered to change attachments. Still, dodging dirt spots became the game through the 8. Leaving the 8, I ventured into ungroomed territory on a trail called Craig's Hill that connected to the Frost Trail, the upper most section of the track. I kept thinking how fine it would be to be skiing this trail groomed on skinny skis but shook it off in favor of enjoying it as is: sun shining through leafless hardwoods on a gently sloping trail covered in fresh snow. I met only one other skier in the backcountry and we both greeted each other with smiles. I was first in proclaiming the perfect day but the other skier upgraded my adjective to heavenly and skied past me smiling. I did the same as the rest of my route was down hill and it was only a few minutes to undo over an hour of climbing and I was back in the parking lot unlacing my boots.