Mt. Diablo Hike from Curry Pt.

Data 2015-12-06
Dystans 13.5 km8.4 mi
Czas 3h:07m
Zdjęcia 32

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East Bay Casual Hikers outing starting at Curry Pt. on Mt. Diablo. We went down Knobcone Pt., past Balancing Rock, right on Utility Road, right on No Name Trail, right on Utility Road #2, across left onto Black Hills, right on Blackhawk Ridge looping the ridge and continuing left on Blackhawk Ridge, left on Sycamore Creek, right on Devil's Slide, and left on Knobcone Pt. back to the start. A couple of us added a loop on Summit Trail/Staircase Tr./Rock City/Summit Trail adding 1.2 mile/200 ft.