Giethoorn, NL Kayak visit

Data 2016-05-08
Dystans 4.1 km2.5 mi
Czas 1h:17m
Zdjęcia 21

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After seeing so much about this story book location, I got the chance to visit during my business trip. Much thanks to my friend Omurden. I arrived in Schipol airport at 5:30 am, and took the 6:58 train to Bussum. a quick shower and nap and I was ready to travel to Geithoorn. About 1.5 hours, out east of Almere through the tulip fields we cam upon this charming village called the Venice of the Netherlands. It was a long holiday weekend and the temps were unseasonably warm 75 Fahrenheit which caused this place to be filled with day visitors renting electric boats.

We opted for kayaks, but they were sit on tops - but that was the pew of choice today. A strong breeze made the day even more comfortable on the canals....when we entered the lake, the breeze turned to wind, providing a stiff chop that broke over the bow often. Due to the wind we opted not to cross the lake, sticking to the side and cutting the trip in half. Would love to find a real kayak and do this during the week!