A Kinder Miscellany

Data 2014-07-02
Dystans 17.1 km10.6 mi
Czas 11h:30m
Zdjęcia 168

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An interesting trip , which developed as it  went along . The broad premise was to go up via Crowden Clough , and head initially for the Downfall via Kinder Gates . The rest would be largely dependent on how the going was .Ascending the clough it was soon obvious that very little water was coming down it . So much so that by the time I got to the upper reaches that observation could be revised to none . I went up by the path , but was sorely tempted by the scramble . However , I have no intention of being another geriatric MR statistic .On top I headed up the 'brook' , and worked left to pick up the Kinder river fairly high up . Because of the work to prevent erosion there are several more new areas of bog each year , and finding the best routes needs care . But it is a delight to see the top covered in greenery .At the Downfall - there was nothing . Just a few pools . But it meant I could walk further down towards the fall than is usually possible .  The air was still clear , the sun was hot , and the views exceptional . Three of us shared the unusual solitude of a party-free Kinder over the time I was there .Since the top was pretty easy going , I next  cut across to pick up one of the feeders into Nether Red Brook , and strolled dry foot  down what could have been a cycling path to the brook itself . There was little evidence of water there either as I followed it to the northern edge . I paused awhile at Fairbrook Naze considering the next  leg ; and now the clouds began to merge , while the wind blew a little keener . So I decided to cut up to Crowden Head , return to Crowden Tower , and complete the day via the Woolpacks and Jacobs Ladder . Which went largely to plan , though there was some wambling in unreconstructed bits of the plateau before I found a descent into one of of the channels of the Crowden brook . After that it's almost auto-pilot , even in fog , and the return was uneventful .By this time the massed parties were out in force along the southern edge , and while not particularly anti-social , I'd got used to my solitude . So I left the paved highway for the edge path at the Woolpacks , and by the time I rejoined it at the Swine's Back  I was ready to meet fellow walkers and the world again . Jacob's Ladder is like that....  

Conditions were optimum for this kind of trip today . It's a different story in cloud and rain , and that's all I'm going to say .