Eastern Edges

Data 2014-06-13
Dystans 17.7 km11 mi
Czas 11h:01m
Zdjęcia 108

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Wykres (Kółko myszy powiększa)


I haven't been 'proper' walking for a while after a slight back problem , so this is a bit of  reintroduction , and purposely close to easy escapes . The downside is the amount of reservoir track required to make up the circle . You can come off down Howden Clough and see the old valve reservoir for the dams  , but that can be trickier than you think , and doesn't knock much distance off . It was still a nice day though , even if all of it couldn't be on the tops .I started early , so no problems parking at the King's Tree .A quick ascent straight up the bank to the 'path' by Lord Edward Howard's Spring , and gently on to Crow Stones Edge . And at the stones an unusual meeting with a mountain hare . I walked round from the front and found it sitting almost within touching distance , completely oblivious . After a while it must have heard me , and crept forward to hide behind a rock , listening intently . Eventually it bolted , but it's a long time since I've seen one quite so closely .Wildlife was abundant , although camera-shy , and I saw lizard , golden plover , and seven curlew , two of which gave an energetic and impressive display in the bowl below Howden Edge .I also heard lapwing , but no sighting.The route on the tops is pretty straightforward , and was fairly easy underfoot . I picked my way over towards Bull Stones from Outer Edge , and worked round to Cut Gate to pick up the track to Margery Hill - cutting straight across on the marked path I find rather tedious , and lacking in views . It can also be murderous if wet . Otherwise it was pretty much as on the map , except for a detour to Wet Stones just before descending .

Nothing really , other the the usual make sure you can survive and cope if the weather turns foul on the tops . That doesn't mean just having a working phone .