Stanage Edge

Data 2014-04-16
Dystans 11.1 km6.9 mi
Czas 5h:46m
Zdjęcia 65

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Wykres (Kółko myszy powiększa)


This is one of those trips that you never bother recording because they are so familiar - a walk along Stanage Edge is just one of those things you're always doing if you live round here . Today though I had the GPS with me , the weather was exceptional (apart from a fairly stiff 'Stanage breeze' on the top) , so here it is .The handy thing about this edge is that you can walk along the top one way , and back underneath it . Or vice-versa . Both viewpoints are equally attractive . If the scenery palls , there are  climbers to watch , and at this time of the year you may catch a glimpse of that local hero , the ring ouzel . Even clothing and equipment is not an issue . Yes , you can get cold and wet , but it's difficult to get lost , and it would be a surprising day if someone wasn't around if disaster struck  here . So park at one end or the other , and just walk .Although I would advise at least carrying a windproof and being happy with your footwear across roughish ground......

I've mentioned the ring ouzel , and this is an important breeding site . There is a general request not to use paths around nesting areas from March onwards ; signs will be in place .