Monkey Search on the Silver River

Data 2016-08-09
Dystans 19 km11.8 mi
Czas 4h:42m
Zdjęcia 52

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Took my godson Alex out on his 3rd kayak trip during his visit. Moved him up to the 14' Tampico - he loved the speed compared to the guest barge he was using. We put in at the usual place at Ray's Wayside and paddled upstream in search of monkeys. The trip up river covered nearly 5.5 miles and we saw hundreds of turtles and a dozen or so alligators. We stopped a the kayak livery at the spring head to stretch and have our lunch.

Back on the kayak trail, we discovered a large gator playing cannibal! Yep, he had a gator locked in his jaws and he definitely did not want us near his prize! I guess even gators think gators taste like chicken. Better yet, a 100 yards late we discovered 5 or 6 monkeys playing in the Ft Wilderness area!!. Back on the river, it was a fast 1:15 minutes back to Rays.