Morgan Territory Hike

Data 2016-09-04
Dystans 15.3 km9.5 mi
Czas 3h:20m
Zdjęcia 31

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Outing of the East Bay Casual Hikers in Morgan Territory starting at the staging area near the summit of Morgan Terr. Rd. We started the hike on the Volvon trail, right on Blue Oak, right on Miwok, left on Manzanita, right on Valley View, right on Volvon Loop, right on Eagle with a short break there, then right on Hog Canyon to the boundary and retrace our route back to the Volvon. Our return was left on Blue Oak, right on Hummingbird, left on Volvon, right on Prairie Falcon, right for a very short time on Volvon, then a quick right on Condor. Cross the bridge then right to the gate and left after the gate to stay below the pond and on back to the parking lot.