Skiiing the Upper Trails at Wild Wings with Roxane

Data 2018-03-10
Dystans 12.1 km7.5 mi
Czas 2h:42m
Zdjęcia 6

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Over Thursday and Friday Wild wings got 20” of new snow which was enough to cover wet spots that had been appearing. Wild Wings groomed it up to perfection by Saturday and it was wonderful. The snow was warm and a bit sticky and slow but the trails got more and more packed by traffic so the glide was consistent over the day. I got there before Roxane and got my gear and myself ready. Once she arrived I put Magiglide on her skis too and we were off. About freezing, we didn’t need lots of clothes. A flurry of show showered us most of the morning as if we needed more snow. Ha! There were small evergreens and some branches of larger evergreens bent low by the heavy load of snow balancing on them. For a warm up we did Turkey. Then Goshawk, Middle Jay and Upper Jay got us back to to the center after the long and resonaably fast downhill. Roxane was game for more and had heard enough about the trail called Chickadee to be curious of what it was. It was time she skied it.

There’s a test hill at the beginning of Chickadee that asks if you skied it or walked down. Really, I’m not kidding, there’s a sign asking just that and then it suggests that if you walked down that you continue waliking on the road back to center and chose a different trail. So Chickadee is not for the meek. Roxane set a Vee for her show plow and in a very controlled decent made it to the sign and proclaimed she made it without a problem. If you don’t ski Loon, the only fun hill on Chickadee is one on the way back just before you cross the road though admittedly the whole run from Upper Jay to the center is probably the best fun and we got to do it a second time coming back from Chickadee.