All the Mount Tom Trails that were Groomed

Data 2019-03-06
Dystans 21.7 km13.5 mi
Czas 3h:23m
Zdjęcia 13

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Wykres (Kółko myszy powiększa)


I've been skiing myself into better fitness or at least better endurance. Similar to this trek, I've skied all the trails in Peru, VT at Wild Wings Ski Touring Center, also about 13 miles. Although the time says 3.5 hours it really only took 2.5 hours of skiing. I start and stop the tracker probably 10 minutes early and late on either end of the trip and there were 4 re-waxing stops as the frozen granulated snow didn't take long to strip off my wax.

Often I found myself skiing in the state lane with my classic skis because the tracks were so very hard and icy, almost as if the track setting pan had heat! Even so, frozen granulated sounds like it would be very fast but in this case there was enough cold powder drifted around or maybe it was my grippy wax that made it slower than you might expect.

First time using some new wind resistant ski pants. They were very comfortable to wear. It was the first time I felt some wind protection for my legs though next time in the teens I'll wear a light layer under them. My ancient anorak still works but a light jacket like the pants would be a vast improvement and with much less rustling noise. Maybe next year.