High Dump, Bruce Peninsula

Data 2011-05-21
Dystans 52.6 km32.7 mi
Czas 9h:01m
Zdjęcia 15

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A quick weekend trip since I had the time, but it was cut short due to bad weather that I didn't feel like sitting out without a fire.  Nice area and the camping was bug free, but without a fire to keep me a little warmer and a lot less damp, I went home early.

If you can't come straight through the trail then I would recommend coming in from the Halfway Dump Access Point.  The trail is a bit more difficult (fairly standard Bruce Trail), but the scenery is much better.  Coming in from Crane Lake as I did is a nice walk, but ultimately pretty boring, with no high points for lookouts and very few views across the lakes that you are walking next too.