Paddling the Black River

Data 2021-08-15
Dystans 14.3 km8.9 mi
Czas 4h:51m
Zdjęcia 24

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Met in Grand Mound and headed up to the put in spot on Littlerock road. Debated whether to take out on Schooland road or go all the way to the highway. Finally decided on the shorter trip which turned out to be the correct decision.
Very little flow in the river. Wind was blowing up river and made it seem as if the flow was going the other way. Windy at times during the day. Not too bad over all but some challenge in fighting it.
Started by going up river a little ways, explored a side passage and then down on the trip. Spotted numerous birds, kingfishers but mostly tweety birds, eaty birds and even birds of prey.
Some fish. One of them thumped my boat, maybe a carp - didn't see it. Tadpoles, mud puppy, lots of frog or salamander eggs. Saw a group of otters on the bank at one point, they quickly hit the water when we arrived.
Last mile or so was paddling through plants. Seemed more like we were traveling a sea of grass rather than water. We were able to get through them and they didn't snag the paddles too much but was a bit slow going.