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Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst 9th August Saturday 2008-08-09 416.3 km258.7 mi 7h:19m 14 zdjęć

DSCF0809 DSCF0808 DSCF0807 DSCF0806 Map

A great days motorcycling. The roads are real motorcyle roads.   Lassen was an OK visit.   It became hot as the day progressed.   With a lot of trees, and some smoke,  and little views, so not many photographs.Yreka was a real nice town,  'real america' to a tourist.  A real nice Best Western in the middle of town.

Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst 8th August Friday 2008-08-08 455.9 km283.3 mi 6h:43m 16 zdjęć

DSCF0795 DSCF0792 DSCF0793 DSCF0794 Map

North up the I395, and the temperature starts to become bearable. It's still very clear and sunny, but only in the 90's! It's BIG here, with little else but road and scenery.From empty roads, and little else to Lake Tahoe, which was crowded, with crowded roads, and slow traffic.

Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst California 7th August 2008-08-07 423 km262.9 mi 7h:59m 22 zdjęć

DSCF0771 DSCF0770 DSCF0769 DSCF0768 Map

Hot!! With BIG scenery. Little traffic or much of anything else. The temperature dropped to the high 80's as we approached Lee Vining. We stayed in the town centre, and ate in an American Diner.

Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst California 6th August 2008-08-06 279.8 km173.9 mi 7h:24m 13 zdjęć

DSCF0757 DSCF0756 DSCF0755 DSCF0754 Map

After starting cool, the temps hit 100+ again in the afternoon.Roads really good, with Sherman's pass being a great ride.Close to completely empty roads, maybe two other vehicles all day, one being a white wing pulling a trailer.There's a nice microbrewery in Kernville. Nice beer, with good food. Surrounded by great roads and countryside.

Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst California 5th August 2008-08-04 462.2 km287.2 mi 12h:01m 14 zdjęć

DSCF0735 DSCF0734 DSCF0733 DSCF0731 Map

The day started out at 55 F, and ended at 105F. It was HOT.The I58 resembles the Mars landscape in places, hot dry, with no visible signs of life, and it's HUGE. Where the I58 crosses the I5 I put 6.1 gallons of gas into the Goldwing. I was glad to get to that station!The road to Kernville is great. Take the right at Fig Orchard. A "proper" alpine road.Kernville is a great place to stop.

Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst California 4th August 2008-08-04 457.2 km284.1 mi 8h:28m 24 zdjęć

DSCF0708 DSCF0707 DSCF0706 DSCF0705 Map

After a weekend with Pashit Tours we were on our own, with no more pre-booked hotels. I wanted to ride down the coast road, the Pashnit website had advised 'anti-clockwise' was the better way, closer to the views, easier to find a place to stop. So off to the coast it was.After watching 'The Wild One' some years ago, spotting Hollister on the map, and on the way, we dropped in.

Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst California 3rd August - Sunday 2008-08-02 362.1 km225 mi 9h:13m 16 zdjęć

DSCF0689 DSCF0688 DSCF0701 DSCF0657 Map

The last day of the pashnit tour. We visited a fire lookout point, in the Eldorado National Forest. This overlooked Union Valley Reservoir. The lookout was OK with the group climbing up to enjoy the view.At Placerville we ate at Denny's and waved bye bye to the group.    Jackson was advised as a destination, as it was higher ground, and we'd find it cooler.    It was hot getting there.

Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst California 2nd August 2008-08-02 415.4 km258.1 mi 10h:23m 36 zdjęć

DSCF0595 DSCF0599 DSCF0598 DSCF0596 Map

The second day of the Pashnit Tour An early morning visit to Bodie, an abandoned gold mining town. It's well worth a visit. The last few miles of road is a dirt road, it's good enough for any motorcycle.

Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst California Holiday First Day 2008-07-30 185.8 km115.5 mi 8h:11m 15 zdjęć

DSCN1465 DSCN1463 DSCN1462 DSCN1461 Map

Click on Title above for map and more picturesThis morning we picked up a GL1800 goldwing from EagleRider in San Francisco.Then we rode down to Fisherman's wharf for lunch, which was similar to Blackpool but bigger!!Afterwards a ride over the Golden Gate Bridge and North on I1 to get used to the Wing. Then off to Livermore for the 2nd nights hotel.

Steve Hazlehurst Steve Hazlehurst To Shepshed 2008-07-13 186.4 km115.8 mi 5h:17m 10 zdjęć

DSCF0534 DSCF0533 DSCF0532 DSCF0531 Map

A weekend visit to Bobbies sister in ShepshedWe booked into the Grange Court as it's 100 yards away from her sisters.After planning a route on Google Maps to avoid motorways, and loading it into the Garmin, we set off on the FJR1300.We had heavy rain, high winds, and sunshine.