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Russian Ridge Loop 2014-07-11 7.9 km4.9 mi 2h:11m 12 zdjęć

photo4.jpg photo3.jpg photo2.jpg photo1.jpg Map

Up ridge trail back on Ancient Oaks trail.

Huddart Park 2014-07-02 10.9 km6.7 mi 2h:59m 77 zdjęć

photo4.jpg photo3.jpg photo2.jpg photo1.jpg Map

Up Crystal Springs Trail to Summit Springs Rd to Skyline Trail. Down Archery Fire Road to Kings Mountain Archery Range/course. Archery fire Road is unpleasant and steep. Back on Deans trail.

Bear Gulch/Skyline/Alambique Trails 2014-06-16 16.6 km10.3 mi 4h:14m 61 zdjęć

photo4.jpg photo3.jpg photo1.jpg photo2.jpg Map

Los Trancos Trail - Foothill Park 2014-06-11 11.8 km7.4 mi 3h:22m 68 zdjęć

photo4.jpg photo72.jpg photo2.jpg photo1.jpg Map

From Interpretative center trail almost makes a loop. Last mile walk on road.

Narrow lightly maintained trail with exposure. One washout required climbing loose talus. Could here road noise for one third of trail. Do not recommend if fear of heights or poor balance.

Windy Hill - Razorback Ridge/Hamm Gulch loop 2014-06-06 12.8 km7.9 mi 3h:21m 77 zdjęć

photo2.jpg photo85.jpg photo86.jpg photo1.jpg Map

From alpine rd. Up Eagle Trail to Razorback Ridge Trail to Lost Trail. Down Hamm Gulch Trail.

SF Presidio Circumnavigation 2010-09-27 13.4 km8.3 mi 3h:15m


Starting from 25th Ave Gate, circumnavigate the San Francisco Presidio by walking along the coast to St. Francis Yacht Club, back through the Palace of Fine Arts, up Lyon St and then past the golf course and Mountain Home Lake and the new Letterman Condos.

Do this when it's not fogged in.

SF Bay to Breakers 2010 2010-05-16 11.7 km7.3 mi 4h:11m 150 zdjęć

IMG_0121 IMG_0118 IMG_0117 IMG_0116 Map

Arrived at Howard around 7:30am and waited for the last group (E) to leave.   Then watched the floats leave.   Quit the course at 30th Ave.

Presidio Wildflower Walk 2010-05-05 2.2 km1.4 mi 0h:58m


Started by looking at the new Rob Hill campground and talking to some of the campers.   Only one pod in use with less than 20 people, plus the women's and men's bathrooms were locked.   It was windy and colder than I expected.The walk continued down to the beach.  I took the opportunity to shoot photos of some wildflowers even though they were bouncing in the wind.

Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon Photos 2010-05-02 2.3 km1.4 mi 1h:13m


Short Walk from Swim Landing Spot near St. Francis Yacht Club to Marina Green Bike Changing Location.    This is NOT the path of the actual triathlon.

Presidio YWalk 100310 2010-03-10 4.8 km3 mi 0h:56m 22 zdjęć

YWalkers YWalkers Landscaping grader YWalkers at Tree Chipping Site Map

Led by Lulu.

Presidio Walk to look at Doyle Drive Construction 100308 2010-03-08 7.8 km4.9 mi 1h:32m 21 zdjęć

YWalkers Cemetery Overlook Cemetery Overlook YWalkers Map

This started as a YWalk led by Bryan but since we walked by the Doyle Drive construction, I went back to take another look.

SF Chinese New Year Parade 2010-02-27 5.2 km3.2 mi 2h:25m


Walking in the SF Chinese New Years Parade

Wish for good weather and an early start.   Float #3.

Lands End Coast Trail 2010-02-25 2.7 km1.7 mi 0h:48m 11 zdjęć

Spring Flowers Golden Gate Bridge Lands End Opening to the SF Bay Map

Trail Keeper Report - 2 joggers

Walk Through Yosemite Valley 2010-02-17 15.5 km9.7 mi 4h:12m 55 zdjęć

100217_Yosemite-1277.JPG 100217_Yosemite-1285.JPG 100217_Yosemite-1279.JPG 100217_Yosemite-1270.JPG Map

Walked to Mirror Lake, then Snow Creek trailhead.   Back to Yosemite Village to the Lodge.

Presidio YWalk 100205 2010-02-05 8.9 km5.5 mi 2h:10m 41 zdjęć

Low Tide Bird on Old Mason YWalkers on Old Mason Flagman under Doyle Drive Map

Led by Susie

Lincoln Park 100118 2010-01-18 3.3 km2.1 mi 1h:05m 29 zdjęć

Tree and Surf Path erosion Eagle Point Lake and El Camino Del Mar Map

Walk through Lincoln Park after a hard rain (hail).  Some scattered showers.Partial Trailkeepers Report.

Presidio YWalk 100115 2010-01-15 7.5 km4.6 mi 1h:39m 28 zdjęć

Behind the Letterman Hospital 100115_YWalk-60533.JPG 100115_YWalk-60382.JPG Near Disney Family Museum Map

Led by Susie

Presidio YWalk 100113 2010-01-13 5.8 km3.6 mi 1h:10m 11 zdjęć

100113_YWalk-60370.JPG 100113_YWalk-60366.JPG 100113_YWalk-60360.JPG 100113_YWalk-60357.JPG Map

Led by Bryan

Presidio YWalk 100108 2010-01-08 6.3 km3.9 mi 1h:21m 13 zdjęć

100108_YWalk-50790.JPG 100108_YWalk-50787.JPG 100108_YWalk-50784.JPG 100108_YWalk-50832.JPG Map

Led by Susie

Presidio YWalk 100106 2010-01-06 4.5 km2.8 mi 1h:02m 14 zdjęć

100106_YWalk-50606.JPG 100106_YWalk-50600.JPG 100106_YWalk-50594.JPG 100106_YWalk-50582.JPG Map

YWalk led by Bryan

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