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Strawberry Moon over Salt Run at St. Augustine FL 2016-06-20 7.2 km4.5 mi 1h:51m 16 zdjęć


Dennis, Gregg & I got out for the full moon. Perfect timing the humidity was low and a pleasant paddle.

Sunday Solo Paddle on Six Mile 2016-06-05 9.4 km5.8 mi 2h:26m 6 zdjęć

Big freakin' spider as I ducked under this downed tree. Map

Trout Creek afternoon paddle St. Augustine 2016-05-30 8.7 km5.4 mi 1h:47m


Memorial Day paddle - put in at Trout Creek boat ramp. headed up creek for some solitude... just a few fisherman, then on return some jet ski's.

Naarden 2016-05-11 2.7 km1.7 mi 0h:20m


Giethoorn, NL Kayak visit 2016-05-08 4.1 km2.5 mi 1h:17m 21 zdjęć


After seeing so much about this story book location, I got the chance to visit during my business trip. Much thanks to my friend Omurden. I arrived in Schipol airport at 5:30 am, and took the 6:58 train to Bussum. a quick shower and nap and I was ready to travel to Geithoorn. About 1.

20 Mile Service - Matanzas Inlet to Washington Oaks Gardens with FSKA 2016-04-24 32.7 km20.3 mi 6h:52m 12 zdjęć


A fast paced trip down the ICW from the inlet to Washington Oaks Gardens with the Florida Sea Kayak Meetup --- FSK-Me. By timing the tides we took advantage of the push to be able to do this nearly 20 miles. Along the way we saw many dolphins and sea turtles.

Silver River: Rays to the Springs with Twin Tampicos 2016-04-17 16.8 km10.4 mi 4h:21m 15 zdjęć

I need to know what this is... Map

Met up with my daughter for a long over due paddle in the second Tampico I picked up so she could paddle in a longer faster boat. Day started out gray with some sprinkles. Current was very strong making for some work to reach the springs. As always we lost count on the number of turtles and birds. Saw about 7 gators. No monkeys at all this trip.

Saint Augustine 2016-04-10 0.7 km0.4 mi 0h:06m


Crystal River Florida - Kayak Baptism 2016-03-20 10.8 km6.7 mi 2h:17m 7 zdjęć

Entrance at 3 Sisters Spring strange beasts searching for a manatee quiet marsh area Map

Met up with a couple of snowbirds from Michigan selling a Hurricane Tampico! Now I have two! Took a quick paddle around Crystal River to the springs and such. One manatee was around, hundreds of people searching for the last of the winter tenants. Personally, too developed and crowded.

March Madness on Snake Creek 2016-03-12 12.6 km7.8 mi 3h:42m 8 zdjęć

We came across a wild croc, did not knwo they came this far north in Forida Map

Met up with Erika for a paddle on the Saint Johns River near Blue Springs. No luck seeing manatees as the river warmed up this week. From French Street we paddled up the St Johns (south) through Snake Creek to Hontoon Dead River, south to Birdhouse Canal and back to the St Johns, north to the landing. We lost count of the alligators, many small from 1 - 3 feet, then a few 6-7 footers.


Winter morning with a frosty start. Met with serious kayakers at the Seminole Canoe and Kayak Club in Ortega, Jacksonville. FL. Temps were starting in the low 40's but probably 50 by the time we hit the water. Paddling at a steady 3+ mph we quickly shed outer. Ran into a high school crew meet. Made it all the way to I295.

Down on Rodman during draw down 2016-02-20 10.9 km6.8 mi 2h:45m 8 zdjęć


Double bladed adventure with my buddy Dennis. Rodman Lake, the man made reservoir is in its periodic drawn down. Seven feet below normal, it shows the massive acreage of tree stumps flooded by the Corp of Engineers. Nearly got stuck in low water over peat bogs.

Six by Six - Six Mile Creek to Trout Creek and back 2016-02-13 10.1 km6.3 mi 2h:10m 11 zdjęć

See him through the brush? He was huge, that is just the center of his body Nudging into Wards Creek Map

February 13, 2016. Put in at Outback Crab Shack. Chilly start but sunny all the way. Had not been on water since January 10th. A little breezy on the open water of Palmo Cove. Took a short trip down Ward's Creek until a downed tree stopped me. Just as well, 20 yards away was another huge gator sunning himself.

Back yard paddle - 2016 #3 2016-01-10 4.2 km2.6 mi 0h:59m 1 zdjęcie


Didn't have time to get away today, so i decided to check out the back yard lake. 2.5 miles if your hug the shore! Did my fair share and retrieved a pile of trash. Picked up 8 dog flying saucers and of course plastic bottles.

Solo Paddle - Julington Creek, North Branch.Paddle #2 2016-01-09 14 km8.7 mi 2h:26m 7 zdjęć

Flat water solace coming back to the launch from !95 The creek flows under Interstate 95 Map

Put in at Palmetto Leaves Park on St. Augustine Road. High water conditions allowed me to paddle upstream to I-95, i could have gone further but stopped at the vegetation choke point. Turned around and headed to Clark' Fish Camp a few miles downstream. No other paddlers on the water for the entire trip. One power boat and two creek-side fishermen.

New Year's Paddle - Six Mile Solitude 2016-01-01 8.5 km5.3 mi 2h:09m 7 zdjęć

King & the Bear pump house where Mill Creek enters Six Mile Creek Second of two docks on this creek I have to explore this when the water is higher, tides will help. First of the docks Map

Start the year at zero miles, was planning on 6 miles today, but a huge gator stopped me at the 2.5 mile point on Six Mile Creek. I had just passed the grassy take out on Pointed Creek Reserve when the saplings began swaying like monkeys jumping on the Silver River.....

Trout Creek, Rt 13 Orangedale FL 2015-12-30 8.8 km5.4 mi 1h:46m 12 zdjęć


Just out looking for gators and wildlife - went pretty far under 16A till water was too low.

Saint Augustine 2015-12-30 0.5 km0.3 mi 0h:07m 1 zdjęcie


Winter Paddle on Deep Creek, Hastings FL 2015-12-27 14.9 km9.3 mi 3h:55m 6 zdjęć

Rest stop on the creek Map

Meet up on my favorite creek.

Orange City 2015-12-06 12.3 km7.6 mi 3h:09m 3 zdjęć


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