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Gregory Family Reunion Boating 2014-06-27 57.7 km35.8 mi 3h:52m 5 zdjęć

Heading north to Villano pic_35.jpg pic_33.jpg pic_38.jpg Map

Just a four hour tour of Saint Augustine intra-coastal by boat ending at the Matanzas beach area. Rented a pontoon boat from Vilano Beach, captained by Jari Steinborn and first mate Nicole. We cruised the area around old Saint Augustine and headed south to Matanzaz Inlet passing  several pods of dolphins and Fort Matanzas.

Up Haw Creek With 3 Paddlers 2014-04-18 12.3 km7.7 mi 3h:01m 20 zdjęć

P1020444.JPG P1020443.JPG P1020442.JPG P1020441.JPG Map

We ventured to a new location after losing out to bad weather for the full moon paddles. Haw Creek sounded like the place to go with my friend Chris and a newer yakker, Mindy.Tucked away in western Flagler County lies Haw Creek Preserve, a 1,005-acre tract of land bordering Haw Creek for about two miles on its southern boundary.

Silver River - In Search Of Monkeys 2014-02-01 18 km11.2 mi 5h:51m 88 zdjęć

Silver River 002.JPG Silver River 001.JPG Silver River 095.JPG Silver River 094.JPG Map

After a particularly cold period thanks to a polar vortex; good weather for the weekend made us want to explore the Silver River. We felt the warm snap would bring out the wildlife and hopefully the much storied monkeys of Silver River.

So my brother Gregg and I set of to Ray's Wayside to paddle to the head spring and back. Rain and drizzle all the way from St.

Durbin Canoe Trail Through Paddle 2013-12-30 17.4 km10.8 mi 4h:22m 21 zdjęć

Year End Kayak 109.JPG Year End Kayak 108.JPG Year End Kayak 107.JPG Year End Kayak 106.JPG Map

We closed out the year with the great winter day paddle from Durbin to Palmetto Leaves Park. My brother Greg and friend Dennis put in off of racetrack road and noodled around the area south of Racetrack as far as we could get. Then we headed out through the trail and stopped at  Clark'sn and had lunch on the dock and then continued on to St Augustine Road.

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