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Valley Spokesmen Progressive Dinner Ride 2014-10-19 63.9 km39.7 mi 4h:12m 27 zdjęć

Orchard that's being removed - not sure if this one is because of the drought or just the normal cycle. Starting off on the first loop Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride staged at the home of one of our member families. We have a series of rides from their home and after each ride have one course of a dinner: soup, salad, main entree, and finally dessert.

Feather Pedals ride: San Ramon - Dublin - Blackhawk - Danville 2014-10-18 49 km30.4 mi 2h:30m 11 zdjęć

Dougherty trail Davona Start at San Ramon Central Park Map

Monthly ride by the Feather Pedals group of the Valley Spokemen club.

Odd Friday Ride from San Ramon 2014-10-17 51.2 km31.8 mi 2h:36m 15 zdjęć

Dougherty bike path Tareyton Ave. Start at San Ramon Central Park Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride held on odd-numbered Fridays and starting at San Ramon Central Park with varying routes. Today we headed south to Dublin and then northeast through the Windemere development and took Tassajara up to Danville. After a stop at La Boulange bakery we returned along the Blvd.

Heather Farm to Orinda loop ride plus ride from San Ramon 2014-10-15 78.2 km48.6 mi 4h:25m 9 zdjęć


Valley Spokesmen club ride.

San Ramon - Dublin - Danville loop 2014-10-14 36.5 km22.7 mi 2h:09m


Valley Spokesmen club ride. 'Conditioning' ride starting at the Dublin location of Livermore Cyclery and heading up past Camp Parks to Blackhawk, then west on Camino Tassajara to Danville and stopping for refreshments at Peet's Coffee near Whole Foods in San Ramon.

Heather Farm to Orinda/Moraga loop plus ride from San Ramon 2014-10-13 82.3 km51.1 mi 4h:25m 8 zdjęć


Valley Spokesmen club ride starting at Heather Farm and doing a loop through Lafayette, Orinda, and Moraga. Also shown is my ride to/from the start from San Ramon.

Folding bike ride on the new Bay Bridge Path 2014-10-11 87.6 km54.4 mi 6h:15m 32 zdjęć


Northern California Folding Bike group ride on the bike/ped path along the new section of the Bay Bridge. The group ride started at the Ikea parking lot at the east end of the path, but I rode from home in San Ramon so the track shown here includes the ride to/from the ride as well.

San Ramon - Mt. Diablo Jnctn. - Walnut Creek loop 2014-10-08 68.4 km42.5 mi 4h:24m


Valley Spokesmen club ride starting at San Ramon's Central Park and heading up to Walnut Creek by way of the Junction Ranger Station on Mt. Diablo. Our return was on the flatter route along Danville/San Ramon Valley Blvd.

Loop around the Carquinez Strait 2014-10-04 66.4 km41.2 mi 3h:10m 13 zdjęć


Valley Spokesmen club ride on a loop around the Carquinez Strait area. Starting at the Martinez waterfront, we took Alhambra Valley Rd. over 'Pig Farm Hill' and into Pinole. From there we headed north past the Rodeo refineries to the Zampa bridge and into Vallejo.

Pleasanton Pedalers ride to Livermore 2014-10-02 66.6 km41.4 mi 4h:16m 12 zdjęć


Pleasanton Pedaler's group ride starting at the Senior Center in south Pleasanton. We did a loop through town and then headed east to Livermore for refreshment at Peet's Coffee before returning along Vineyard Ave.

Bike tour from Carmel to Paso Robles 2014-05-21 194.7 km121 mi 14h:04m 69 zdjęć


Bike tour starting in San Francisco and heading down the coast to Cambria and then inland to Paso Robles. Only the portion from Carmel is shown here. Overnight stops were in Capitola, Monterey, Big Sur, and San Simeon.

New Years Day Climb of Mt. Diablo 2014-01-01 44.4 km27.6 mi 2h:54m 32 zdjęć

'Hole in the Wall' from Diablo Country Club Start at RR museum, downtown Danville Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride from Danville to the summit of Mt. Diablo.  Held every year on New Year's Day.

Mt. Hamilton ride 2013-12-28 55.6 km34.6 mi 4h:24m 40 zdjęć

IMG_2727s.jpg Lots of 'Spare the Air' haze in the valley Start at Alum Rock & Mt. Hamilton Rds. Map

Valley Spokesmen club ride to the summit of Mt. Hamilton and back from the intersection of Alum Rock and Mt. Hamilton rds.  Beautiful warm day for the ride as one of our members celebrated his birthday by treating us to sandwiches at the top with help from his daughters who drove up with the goodies.

San Ramon - Yosemite National Park ride 2013-04-21 254.1 km157.9 mi 21h:06m 39 zdjęć

Getting ready to start the ride Vernal Falls - lost time stamp Nevada Falls - lost time stamp Passing Bridal Veil Falls - lost time stamp, so in wrong place on map Map

Three day ride from San Ramon to Yosemite Park with overnight stops at campsites along the Stanislaus outside Oakdale and at Buck Meadow on Hwy. 120 outside the park. Camped at Camp4 the next night in the park valley and hiked up to Vernal and Nevada Falls and partway up the Panorama Trail.

San Ramon - YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK 2013-04-21 253.8 km157.7 mi 19h:00m


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