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Oak Island Paddleboard Circumnavigation 2015 2015-12-15 9.7 km6 mi 3h:58m 9 zdjęć


High Tide: 10:44a, Wind: 14 knots W, SW, Launch at 10:17a. Interesting scenes during paddle included being greeted at a dock by someone's pet goat, Morris Island lighthouse on the distant horizon, boat wreck and a feeding dolphin.

Kiawah Island Circumnavigation 2015 2015-12-13 37.8 km23.5 mi 7h:10m 11 zdjęć


Circumnavigation of Kiawah Island by kayak with the Charleston Sea Kayak meetup group. Launch site at Mingo Point.

Folly River to Folly Beach SUP Paddle 2015-12-12 9.6 km6 mi 2h:54m 8 zdjęć


Standup paddleboard trip to Folly Beach via Folly River.

Charleston Harbor, South Carolina 2015-07-11 29.6 km18.4 mi 7h:22m 9 zdjęć


Sunrise kayaking trip in Charleston Harbor, Charleston, SC. Paddled along the Battery with stops at Fort Sumter and Morris Island.

Shem Creek to Patriots Point, South Carolina 2015-07-10 9.2 km5.7 mi 2h:32m 6 zdjęć


Kayak trip from Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant, SC to Patriots Point with a visit to the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier.

Harkers Island to Shackleford Banks 2012-05-17 8.9 km5.5 mi 3h:03m 17 zdjęć

IMG_5221.jpg IMG_5220.JPG IMG_5229.jpg IMG_5137.JPG Map

Capers Island 2012-04-20 35.1 km21.8 mi 8h:46m 46 zdjęć

544988_10150965652663294_706268293_12856761_1420732196_n.jpeg IMGP0128.JPG IMGP0127.JPG 550239_10150965652138294_706268293_12856756_713063635_n.jpeg Map

Lake Wylie Paddle to Little China 2011-09-14 20.9 km13 mi 5h:46m


moving average 3.

Glacier NP Lake Josephine & Lower Grinnell 2011-08-19 14.7 km9.1 mi 4h:23m 37 zdjęć

L1020483.JPG L1020482.JPG L1020481.JPG L1020477.JPG Map

Glacier NP Highline Trail & Swiftcurrent Pass 2011-08-18 30.7 km19 mi 7h:31m 63 zdjęć

L1020278.JPG L1020276.JPG L1020275.JPG L1020273.JPG Map

This hike was actually 15 miles.  Not sure why GPS recorded 19.

Glacier NP Iceberg Lake 2011-08-17 17.1 km10.6 mi 5h:42m 31 zdjęć

L1020223.JPG L1020222.JPG L1020220.JPG L1020219.JPG Map

On this hike, we came face to face with a grizzly yearling and its mama, approximately 25 feet off the trail.  Yes, too close for comfort!  Only got a passing pic of the cub.

Cameron Lake-Carthew Ridge 2011-08-16 22.2 km13.8 mi 7h:29m 41 zdjęć

L1020137.JPG L1020132.JPG L1020127.JPG L1020126.JPG Map

Trip is missing last mile of tracking due to accidentally turning off the GPS tracking on the phone.

Crypt Lake 2011-08-15 19.6 km12.2 mi 6h:26m 29 zdjęć

L1020081.JPG L1020075.JPG L1020072.JPG L1020070.JPG Map

Bertha Falls at Waterton 2011-08-14 6.7 km4.1 mi 1h:48m 8 zdjęć

IMG_2504.JPG L1020056.JPG L1020048.JPG L1020045.JPG Map

Flathead National Forest 2011-08-13 6.4 km4 mi 3h:38m 9 zdjęć

L1020024.JPG L1020023.JPG L1020021.JPG L1020019.JPG Map

Flathead Lake & Wild Horse Island 2011-08-12 14.8 km9.2 mi 5h:01m 17 zdjęć

L1020006.JPG L1020001.JPG L1010987.JPG L1010981.JPG Map

Mission Falls Trail MT 2011-08-11 17.8 km11.1 mi 5h:20m 13 zdjęć

L1010934.JPG L1010923.JPG L1010920.JPG L1010905.JPG Map

Track is not completely accurate.  Something went wonky with the iPhone GPS about 3/4 way through the hike.   This was likely related to accidentally turning the tracking off while phone bounced around in pocket. The distance and ascent figures are not accurate.  Actual distance roundtrip was around 7.5 miles and elevation gain was only about 1000'.http://waterfallsmontana.com/waterfalls.

Mt. Mitchell Trail - NC 2011-06-12 9.1 km5.7 mi 3h:21m 19 zdjęć

IMG_1899.JPG IMG_1896.JPG IMG_1894.JPG IMG_1888.JPG Map

This track is the descent portion of a hike on the Mt. Mitchell trail....forgot to turn on GPS tracking for the ascent.  We started at Black Mountain Campground and hiked the Mt. Mitchell Trail to the summit.  On the return, we hiked the Mt. Mitchell trail until it intersected with the Higgans Bald trail which we followed until it looped back around to the lower portion of the Mt.

New Bern to Oyster Point 2011-05-10 61.4 km38.1 mi 14h:06m 38 zdjęć

IMG_1574.JPG IMGP0090.JPG IMGP0086.JPG IMG_1568.JPG Map

This track represents two days of paddling from New Bern, NC to Oyster Point campground in the Croatan National Forest.  On the third day of paddling, the trip concluded at Harkers Island visitor center but the final leg of the GPS tracking is, unfortunately, not available.  A full trip report is available at the following link:http://zenkayaking.wordpress.

Virginia Creeper Trail Bike Ride 2011-04-09 29.2 km18.2 mi 3h:14m 18 zdjęć

IMG_1385.JPG IMG_1367.JPG IMG_1366.JPG IMG_1390.JPG Map

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