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Peterborough to home 2012-12-08 92.5 km57.5 mi 1h:24m


One wrong turn added miles to this trip and sent me onto the dreaded A14 again.

Cambridge to Balderston's Peterboro 2012-12-08 96.9 km60.2 mi 2h:26m


this is the way there

Low speed fun 2012-11-11 22.7 km14.1 mi 0h:50m


Cambridge's northern Park and Ride is still fields according to Google maps

Thirty miles in rare sunshine 2012-11-03 49.2 km30.5 mi 1h:22m


rusty cornering but I am on the case

Odense to Kerteminde and the coast 2012-10-07 96.8 km60.1 mi 2h:07m 5 zdjęć

Kerteminde Johannes Larsen Museum, Kerteminde studio Johannes Larsen Museum, Kerteminde Map

A short trip blessed with sunny weather and wind.

Solvesborg to Odense via Lund 2012-09-16 329.7 km204.9 mi 5h:39m


Norvikkens to Solvesborg 2012-09-15 268.6 km166.9 mi 5h:03m


Odense to Sweden 2012-09-13 282.2 km175.3 mi 4h:57m 4 zdjęć

norvik-tent.jpg ferry-helsinor.jpg helsingor-ferry1.jpg bridge-tolls.jpg Map

Heading out of Odense, skirting around Copenhagen, then up to the art gallery Louisiana then over the ferry from Helsinor to helsingborg to Sweden then up to my ill-fated campsite called Norvikkens.

Esbjerg to Odense 2012-09-09 138.5 km86.1 mi 1h:26m


Day 1 Home to Harwich ferry 2012-09-08 107.8 km67 mi 2h:53m


First day on my trip to Denmark and Sweden

New IAM observer ride 2012-09-01 115.2 km71.6 mi 3h:46m


Some crazy moments of indiscretion on this ride...

Brandon forest and back, circuitously 2012-08-19 118.4 km73.6 mi 2h:59m


Trip out to Brandon forest, the deadly mixture of my imperfect local knowledge and the GPS sending me round in circles and then on the A14 on the way there, but the route I planned to take on the way back - much more fun. Cream tea at the Brandon Forest visitor centre. Temperature was 31 degrees.

From home to Hertford to Subdury to home 2012-07-05 247.5 km153.8 mi 5h:14m


An early morning start to get down to SBW in Hertford before they opened, then a hugely circuitous (my gloved finger must have selected Peterborough by mistake) route to find the Adventure Bike Shop in Acton near Subdbury without success but some good roads and a great cuppa in Suffolk.

This is what TEMP.GPX looks like 2012-07-01 610.6 km379.4 mi 10h:52m


this is no good at all

A quarter of a turn around Cambridge 2012-06-30 79.3 km49.3 mi 2h:17m


My sense of the geography around Cambridge, where I've lived for decades, is confused. I'm finally getting the hang of it and want to be able to ride in a big circle around it without getting stuck on the boring A14. This trip is a couple of hours riding on a sunny saturday.

To Peterborough on a sunny day 2012-05-26 157.5 km97.9 mi 3h:16m


The excuse was to pick up a parcel from PDP, withan exotic stop at Sainsbury's Peterborough for sponge cake and a cuppa, narrowly avoiding a car backing into me on the way out, then getting lost in Chatteris.

Northwest of Cambridge 2012-05-19 59 km36.7 mi 1h:34m


Another ride preparing for the IAM test that I am about to book. I am amazed at how bad my sense of the space around Cambridge is. If I knew my way round better I woudln't have been reduced to riding back down the A14 back home.

Escape from Ruislip 2012-04-08 109.5 km68.1 mi 1h:53m


I have no idea what the GPS was doing here. I don't understand how it recalculates if you miss a turn. Perhaps it wants to take you back to the last waypoint. On this journey home I kept being directed in completely the wrong direction.

The scenic route to Ruislip, Middlesex 2012-04-08 120.8 km75.1 mi 2h:40m


My attempt to plan a route on Garmin Basecamp and transfer it to the GPS device then ride it: it still seems unpredictable.

Observed motorcycle ride 2012-03-16 99.1 km61.6 mi 2h:56m


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