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2015-09 Algonquin Western Uplands 2015-09-19 69.2 km43 mi 1 dzień 1h:03m 106 zdjęć


Basic Trail over 5 days. A lot of Trees and Trails which is a little disappointing.

Day 1 – Sept 19, 2015 - 11:00 am meet @ West Gate for check-in
Hike - Trail Head --> Camp Maggie Lake West
Distance - 12.9 km, Speed 3.0km/hr, Move Speed 3.8km/hr
Time - 11:30 --> 15:46, Elapsed Time 4:16
Weather: Light to Moderate Rain Showers (6.

St Vincent Barefoot Offshore Sailing School (BOSS) 2015-02-01 188.8 km117.3 mi 1 dzień 0h:51m 37 zdjęć


Mary Janes Boyfriend
"The Cubby One"

West Coast Trail 2013-08-31 77.7 km48.3 mi 1 dzień 9h:54m 76 zdjęć


Preliminary DiscussionThe West Coast Trail (WCT) trip has been several years in the making, although Sicilian and I are both getting reasonably seasoned at our annual hike now, the main driver for the WCT at this point in time was Fury who now lives on the West Coast and had this trip as a kind of bucket list item.

Algonquin-Smoke Lake, 2013-08 2013-08-03 58.1 km36.1 mi 15h:43m


Algonquin 2013 - Ralph Bice 2013-05-03 16.7 km10.4 mi 5h:41m


Frontenac Loop 2012-10-04 36.6 km22.7 mi 13h:48m 30 zdjęć

DSC08124.JPG DSC08122.JPG SANY0001.JPG SANY0008.JPG Map

Spring Trip to Tim River 2012-04-27 26.7 km16.6 mi 6h:54m


Spring camping trip for the Trout opener on Rosebury Lake.  On this short canoe trip there were 6 all together.  Bax, Bush, MulderX, Wiley, Texas and YOK. Not much to talk about on this trip other than....Cold.  It was very cold on both days, however it did give me a chance to really see how cold my regular equipment could go.

Killarney - La Cloche Silhouette Trail 2011-09-17 76.8 km47.7 mi 1 dzień 6h:51m 30 zdjęć

DSC07485.JPG DSC07484.JPG DSC07483.JPG DSC07480.JPG Map

Preliminary Discussion

Planning for the annual trip this year surrounded possibly
doing the WCT primarily, however due to various conflicts and other things that
cropped up this was deemed not doable this year.  So a more local destination was decided upon.

Algonquin Canoe Trip - Smoke Loop 2011-07-30 67.2 km41.7 mi 17h:40m 18 zdjęć

The worst is the first Looking back at a long paddle The Lauch @smoke The Lauch @smoke Map

Just a long weekend trip to Algonquin Park, starting at the Smoke lake access point.  Originally this trip for for 2 us to go on and would have make a lot more sense given the canoe (17 ft), but Bax had to back out at the last minute.  So with all alternatives for a second exhausted, I endeavored to do the trip myself, solo.Day 1Temp: 28CWind: NE @3 KM/hr (15 km gusts)Distance: 17.

High Dump, Bruce Peninsula 2011-05-21 52.6 km32.7 mi 9h:01m 15 zdjęć

DSC07320.JPG DSC07360.JPG DSC07311.JPG DSC07309.JPG Map

A quick weekend trip since I had the time, but it was cut short due to bad weather that I didn't feel like sitting out without a fire.  Nice area and the camping was bug free, but without a fire to keep me a little warmer and a lot less damp, I went home early.

If you can't come straight through the trail then I would recommend coming in from the Halfway Dump Access Point.

Camp Serenity 2011-04 2011-04-29 10.3 km6.4 mi 5h:43m 25 zdjęć

DSC07217.JPG DSC07216.JPG DSC07215.JPG DSC07214.JPG Map

I would love to have a good story here, but there isn't a lot to say on this one.  We were supposed to enter Algonquin @ Tim River for this trip, but in the end the lakes were still frozen (yes, cold even for Canada @ this time of year), so one of the guys was kind enough to let us use his lake front lot instead.

Lake Superior Provincial Park Coastal Trail 2010-09-04 49.8 km30.9 mi 1 dzień 1h:19m 53 zdjęć

DSC06466.JPG DSC06463.JPG DSC06461.JPG DSC06460.JPG Map

Journal of Lake Superior Provincial Park Coastal Trail
(Katherine Cove to
Gargantua Harbour)


The Trail:

Overall the Coastal Trail in LSPP is quite a unique
experience.  You will spend more time
moving from rock to rock than is comfortable for most people and if it is wet,
there are sections of the trail that will go from a nice perch to a dangerous
slide in no time at all.

Niagara River Recreation Trail 2010-08-21 24.3 km15.1 mi 1h:48m


Algonquin Highland Backpacking Trail 2009-10-04 38.1 km23.7 mi 15h:35m 25 zdjęć

More Trail Again More Trail The Trail Fresh and Ready to Go! Map

The first of what hopefully will become an annual trip for me and some friends.  This year we ended up in Algonquin Park to conquer the Highland Backpacking trail.  With the departure day approaching the weather wasn't looking good and so there were some last minute wet weather additions to the already large pack of goods that were coming on the trip.

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