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Philmont 2019 - Itinerary 20 2019-07-24 111 km69 mi 12 dni 0h:00m 33 zdjęć


Appalachian Trail - VA220 to VA779 2018-09-29 20.1 km12.5 mi 9h:26m


Appalachian Trail - VA311 to VA779 2016-10-21 21.4 km13.3 mi 9h:28m 17 zdjęć


Backpacking on the Appalachian Trail from VA620 to VA311. 2015-10-24 23.7 km14.7 mi 10h:48m 12 zdjęć


Uwharrie National Recreation Trail 2015-06-12 35 km21.8 mi 16h:38m 7 zdjęć


Backpacking at Mt. Mitchell 2015-03-21 13.9 km8.6 mi 7h:33m 11 zdjęć

Base camp at Commissary Hill The hike to Commissary Hill was 4.5 miles, all of it up hill. We started our hike from Black Mountain Campground. Map

Appalachian Trail - PA 309 to Lehigh Gap 2011-11-19 21.7 km13.5 mi 10h:42m 19 zdjęć

20111119113651.JPG 20111119113721.JPG 20111119112840.JPG 20111119105911.JPG Map

I did an overnight backpacking trip with one my buddies.

This is a difficult section of trail.  There were several areas where we had to navigate over and around car sized boulders.

Umstead State Park: Company Mill Trail & Inspiration Trail 2011-06-11 9.7 km6 mi 2h:00m 6 zdjęć

pic_351.jpg pic_350.jpg pic_349.jpg pic_348.jpg Map

This was a nice hike.  It was crowded though.  I saw a lot of people out walking and running.

Umstead State Park: Sycamore Trail 2011-05-30 10.2 km6.3 mi 3h:15m 5 zdjęć

pic_344.jpg pic_343.jpg pic_342.jpg pic_341.jpg Map

I don't think my GPS picked up the last section of the hike.  So it should be longer than 6.3 miles.  The map said that the trail is 7.2 miles.

Umstead State Park: Oak Rock Trail & Pott's Branch Trail 2011-05-29 2.7 km1.7 mi 0h:55m 5 zdjęć

pic_339.jpg pic_338.jpg pic_337.jpg pic_340.jpg Map

Umstead State Park: Sal's Branch Trail 2011-03-19 4.3 km2.6 mi 1h:48m 5 zdjęć

pic_370.jpg pic_368.jpg pic_369.jpg pic_367.jpg Map

Went hiking with the Cub Scouts.

Appalachian Trail - Rt 501 to Rt 183 2010-11-20 16.4 km10.2 mi 7h:53m 20 zdjęć

20101120104423.jpg 20101120100937.jpg 20101120094630.jpg 20101120092439.jpg Map

Backpacking with the Boy Scouts

Appalachian Trail near VA 311 2010-10-16 3 km1.9 mi 2h:52m 9 zdjęć

20101016112347.JPG pic_236.jpg pic_234.jpg pic_233.jpg Map

Took the kids for a day hike.

The parking lot was big, but got quite full.

Philmont 1993 - Itinerary 7 1993-06-23 101.1 km62.8 mi 12 dni 0h:00m 13 zdjęć


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